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Please explain why fewer services are for seniors

To the editor:

I am writing about a deep concern I am having with the reductions in senior services to Leelanau County from the Commission on Aging. I am a seventy year old that has herself not been in a need of your services, but as a daughter of a senior, has seen the services you provided in the 1980’s and 1990’s work effectively. My father used the services supplied by your former department head and it was a great help maintaining his independence for several years. Without those services his life would have been cut shorter and the burden would have been greater on his immediate family. I doubt any senior citizen in Leelanau County would be asking for assistance if we didn’t need it. What is comforting to know, that it is there if we did?

I don’t understand, my father had to go through a qualification process or a need analysis at that time also. There was no mileage back then to assist the COA to provide services and yet services were provided. It was done with grants from the Federal Government which the then department head wrote to receive. I guess my dilemma is how more was given back then when there was less available and now when you have more resources, less is allocated. If someone could explain that I would greatly appreciate it. If seems that with more local government involvement there is less given to those who could use the assistance. When the former director left, there was abundance in her budget, why now can’t you keep it balanced, as you haven’t supplied near the services that she did and you had money available to you. We should all be asking these questions...


Marie A. Korson
E. Pertner Rd.
Suttons Bay

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