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Marathon season begins

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NORTHPORT STUDENTS Brett Dyer, left, and Jakob Hester helped survey the bottom of Northport Bay. NORTHPORT STUDENTS Brett Dyer, left, and Jakob Hester helped survey the bottom of Northport Bay. Here we go again. School is out. A big congratulations to all the graduates, and welcome to the real world. I hope you all represent in a positive manner.

Now that school is out we will start seeing many more visitors in the area, golf carts, bicycles, pedestrians and traffic. I have already seen golf carts with kids riding in them with no seat belts, some riding in the back having a lot of fun watching the cars in back of them. Not real safe.

Just a word to the bicyclers, ride with traffic.

This is also the beginning of marathon season. The first one is Saturday, the M-22 Challenge. This race is somewhat disruptive if you’re trying to get up-and-down M-22 or around the lake. The next race is a half marathon and 5K called the Glen Arbor Solstice Run that’s scheduled for Saturday June 17. Much less disruptive as it begins at 7 a.m. and is normally over or close to being over before any of the stores open.

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As a point of interest each year the National Park and volunteers conduct between 60 and 70 search and rescue events. Most are rescues at the Dune Climb or at the Lake Michigan Overlook on Pierce Stocking drive. Tourists just don’t realize how far it is across the Dune from the climb and how far it is to climb back up at the overlook. The park is looking for volunteers to post at these locations to help visitors know what to expect and how to be prepared for a hike to Lake Michigan or climb back up. Contact the Friends Of The Sleeping Bear Dunes.

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The Glen Arbor Art Association is sponsoring “The Joy of Throwing” with master Potter Jeff Oestreich starting Friday with a presentation exploring 50 years of pottery. Saturday will be devoted to making of shapes on the wheel, and Sunday involves assembling decorations and discussions. Contact the group’s website for more info.

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The Glen Arbor tennis tournament will be held on June 30 through July 2. The all-doubles tournament will be played at the Glen Arbor park and at Leelanau School. Cost per player for women’s doubles is $50 which includes a luncheon, winners prizes, door prizes and artists T-shirt. The men’s doubles and mixed doubles is $25 per player including a T-shirt a sack lunch and prizes. To enter get your partners lined up and email or call Kim Guilbeau at 517-420-3112 or at kimguilbeau@ Gmail.com. All money goes into the Glen Arbor Park.

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Happy Birthday wishes to Karen Soderholm, Polly Cairns, Amy Clark- Carels, Gabrielle Carels and to 91-yearold Larry Rank. Congratulations to all.

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Be happy, be safe, be kind, have fun. Go Sox

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