2017-06-08 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Information compiled by Chai Nelson

Village of Suttons Bay

Village Inn Properties Inc. (Self) Construct commercial alteration – Remove south exterior exit at 201 N. St. Josephs Street ($6,336).

Centerville Township

Holy Rosary Catholic Church (William Walters) Construct New Holy Rosary School Belfry, wood frame at 6974 S. Schomberg Road ($7,055).

Doris M. Sleder Trust (RJ Meyer Construction Company) Construct residential add/alteration – screened porch over existing deck at 6967 S. Glazier Beach Drive ($9,280).

Cleveland Township

Mary E. Kelly (Leelanau Builders LLC) Construct residential add/alteration – remove and replace deck at 4163 S. Sugar Loaf Mountain Road ($3,200).

Elmwood Township

Michael Myers (Pathway Homes LLC) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame: unfinished basement, main floor, second floor, covered porch and finished attached garage at 9305 E. Summer Field Drive ($261,800).

Crane Hill Vineyards LLC (Self) Construct temporary one tent 40’x60’, no cooking in tent, alcohol will be served “A-2” use, occupant load “128” at 9720 S. Center Highway ($1).

Dennis L. Phillips Trust (Self) Construct new residential 30x48 post frame building at 8915 E. Fouch Road ($28,800).

Leelanau Township

Robert G. and Bonnie Poole (Newme Corporation) Construct crawl space foundation only for future manufactured home, poured wall 27’x56’ at 13731 N. Forest Beach Shores ($7,560).

Stephen B. and Janice F. Dearing (Timothy C. Bruen) Construct residential alteration – repair existing roof system over covered porch at 11960 E. Woolsey Lake Road ($4,480).

Leland Township

Robert J. and Theresa K. Bunek (J&R Properties of Suttons Bay LLC) Remove and replace 17 windows and repair floor joist on 2nd level and install ¾” sub floor at 114 W. Louisa Street ($54,000).

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