2017-06-08 / Letters

Recall threatened if School Board buys turf for field

To the editor:

As a Glen Lake Schools, tax paying, resident, I was shocked that there is a proposal to spend $800,000 on the Glen Lake Schools football athletic fields.

At best, it is absurdly ridiculous! For the Glen Lake Schools, it is an out-ofproportion use of funds for a single purpose, fall, seasonal, athletic field. The Glen Lake High School’s main objective must always be to prepare students for their continuing life’s journey. So to the Glen Lake Schools Board of Education, please do your homework, and find someone, or group who can, for a reasonable cost, reseed and level out the football playing field. There is no pay back and/or any reasonable return on and/or of this type of a miss-investment of $800,00.00!

It is a selfish, squandering, egocentric, use of funds for a single purpose for one of this state’s smaller high schools. If you approve this grossly unbalanced expenditure, I do hear off in the distance the word: “Recall” becoming louder and louder in the voters’ minds.

Thus, I will be willing to help get petitions signed for a Board of Education recall effort, if this insane type of expenditure is approved by you. Personally I don’t enjoy participating in recall efforts.

So to the Glen Lake Schools Board of Education: You must always vote “no” on spending $800,000.00 or any other absurd amount of money for any of your outdoor athletic facilities.

Eric Winkelman
P.O. Box 451
Glen Arbor

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