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Buneks: Grace under fire

Regardless of where people stand on political issues — and Leelanau County has folks at the deep end of both aisles — we hear respect from all sides in how County Board chair Will Bunek handles himself at commissioner meetings.

A stickler for Robert’s Rules, he runs an efficient meeting with a light gavel. That’s not a given in local governing.

He carries a positive outlook on life. And he’s consistently conservative, so you know what you get with Mr. Bunek.

Constituents should be pleased to know that he’s the same man under personal pressure.

Mr. Bunek could only watch last week while two barns burned on his centennial farm in Bingham Township. Meanwhile, he and his wife, Carol, talked about how “lucky” they were that propane tanks didn’t explode, that the grass was wet and didn’t spread fire to their neighbors’ buildings, that no one was hurt, that firefighters were risking their lives for them … you get the idea.

One thing we wish we’d mentioned in our coverage was why the barns and contents were only insured for $10,000. Insurance companies know those old barns are built with wood that’s had decades to dry. Their bones are kindling.

So the cost of insurance is extremely high.

We haven’t heard of any fundraising events for the Buneks, but we’re ready to toss in the first donation.

It’s something the Buneks would do for others.

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