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Media failing to inform public; here are accomplishments

To the editor:

I can’t blame Susan K. Reems and others for their lack of knowledge regarding Trump’s accomplishments per her Trump “short letter” comment to the editor. Worthwhile media news coverage has been AWOL and stuck on trivial “fake news” items. Listed below is a short list of accomplishments - hopefully readers will find this informative:

 Stock market gained $2 Trillion in wealth since Trump was elected.

 Decreased U.S. Debt in the first 100 days by $100 billion.

 U.S. manufacturing index soared to 33-year high.

 Added 298,000 jobs in first month on the job.

 Housing sales red hot; houses on market this year 45 days on average.

 Illegal immigration down 67 percent.

 NATO announced allied spending up $10 billion due to Trump prodding.

 Judge Gorsuch confirmed and sworn in.

 Signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of April 19, some which have protected law enforcement, enforced regulatory reform, mandated for every new regulation two must be eliminated, approved pipelines which will lower energy cost, reducing regulations on manufacturers, placing hiring freeze on federal employees slimming down bloated government cost, exiting the U.S. from Trans-Pacific Partnership, and cutting funding for sanctuary cities.

Kudos to the Leelanau Enterprise for printing Mary E. Bowens informative and accurate “rants.” I sense her frustration with the media bias. Keep your quill sharp, Mary!

David A. Canfield
P.O. Box 837

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I hope after today's

I hope after today's senseless shooting in the nation's capital the vitriol spread by the writer of this letter and Mary Bowens will stop their ranting. It is time to tone down the hateful rhetoric and make the electied officials do the same.