2017-06-15 / Outdoors

Pelicans pay visit to Lake Leelanau

Joan and Denis Garvin were working at their business, Garvin’s Cottages in Cedar, Thursday morning when they noticed about 20 birds on the horizon.

After closer inspection, they noticed the group of birds on Lake Leelanau was a pod of pelicans.

“I thought they were seagulls,” Joan said. “Then I got to talking with Denis and he thought they were pelicans after a second, and he was right.”

After identifying the waterbirds, they started talking with some of the people staying in their cottages.

Several guests took boats out to look at the birds, but the birds were gone by the time they got close.

“I felt bad because as they were getting ready to go out and see the birds, they left,” Joan said.

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