2017-06-22 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

June 5, 2017

Sandra S. Roberts to Robert H. Roberts, Lot 1, Section 3 in Solon Township.

Michael Raymond to Michael T. Raymond, Trustee of the Michael T. Raymond Revocable Trust, Section 30 in Glen Arbor Township.

Gary L. and Susan E. Dennis to Kevin H. and Janice H. Floria, Lot 39, The Shores No. 2 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Robert J. Naftali to Anthony P. and Jean D. Hoholik, Lot 38, La Riviera West No. 2 in Elmwood Township ($665,000).

Dennis G. Starner, Trustee of the Dennis G. Starner Trust to Katha Heinze, the entirety of the grantor’s undivided 1/3 interest, Lot 2, Section 21 in Suttons Bay Township ($140,000).

Elizabeth A. Keenan and David J. Houston to themselves, Co-Trustees of the David J. Houston and Elizabeth A. Keenan Trust, Lot 1, Section 27 in Suttons Bay Township.

Jeannette M. White to Albert J. Garcia, Lot 1, Section 4 in Elmwood Township ($215,000).

Gerald M. and Marjorie J. Selbee to Daniel O., II and Kristyn M. Case, Unit 25, Maplewood Commons Condominium in Kasson Township ($117,000).

June 6, 2017

Donna J. Mattson, Trustee of the Donna J. Mattson Trust to Thor L. and Christine S. Mikesell, Section 29 in Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Dennis Cole and Natalie F. Morris- Cole to William H. and Sally J. Modzel, Section 24 in Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

June 7, 2017

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., and Bruce O. Buelow to Terry J. and Jean M. Paquet, Trustees of the Terry J. Paquet and Jean M. Paquet Trust, Unit 38, Cedar Creek Commons Condominium in Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Patrick J. Gallagher and Julie E. Gallagher to Patrick J. Gallagher, Section 29 in Bingham Township.

Marjorie L. Whitney, Trustee of the Marjorie L. Whitney Trust to Stephen G. and Sally Miklos, Unit 41, Cedar Creek Commons Condominium in Elmwood Township ($279,000).

Jerry J. Stanek and Pamela C. Stanek, Trustees of the John D. Stanek and Pamela C. Stanek Joint Revocable Trust to Kathryn A. Dindia, Trustee of the Kathryn A. Dindia Inheritance Trust, Section 6 in Elmwood Township ($330,000).

June 8, 2017

Lawrence A. Fatt and Jennifer M. Munten, Co-Trustees of the Lawrence A. Fatt 2001 Revocable Trust and Jennifer M. Munten 2001 Revocable Trust, and their Co-Successor Trustees, each of their ½ interest to Lawrence A. Fatt and Jennifer M. Munten, Section 29 in Empire Township.

Betty J. Stachnik and David Stachnik to Betty J. Stachnik and Thomas L. and Linda M. Shimek, Lot 5, Section 26 in Cleveland Township.

Janice K. Carroll to J. Dwight Poffenberger, Jr., Unit 2, Tall Timber Condominium in Glen Arbor Township ($215,000).

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