2017-06-22 / Letters

How much was spent to prepare zoning ordinance?

To the editor:

Subject: Transparency?

Where is it? The new ETZO has been “in the works” for the past 16 years, but the efforts to finalize the draft/pass it have been inconsistent. And to quote Clerk Preston (The Enterprise, June 1, 2017): “It was very much on the back burner or not even a subject of discussion for many years at a time.”

Clerk Preston went on to report that during those years no township dollars were spent on it – in staff time or in legal fees. But, what about the times when work was being done on the ZO? Legal fees were being accrued and staff time was dedicated to the Project, and consulting firms were being hired.

How much ET Tax Payer money was spent? That is an issue. On numerous occasions various township tax payers asked that exact question during public comment at Township Board meetings. No dollar amounts have ever been provided. Why? These are taxpayers dollars, where is the transparency?

Phillip Hendges
South Sunnyview Rd.
Elmwood Township

Editor’s note: ETZO stands for Elmwood Township Zoning Ordinance.

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