2017-06-22 / Letters

Wants to know specifics of Janik’s accompishments

To the editor:

Regarding the article this week on Chet Janik outlining his new pay scale. The article pointed out the impressive ‘appraisal report’ he received from the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners, a 4.7 grade out of five. Additional information regarding his performance was non-specific, just general phrases such as ‘problem solver’ and ‘forward thinker’ from a mutual admiration society.

I would like to know specific examples of what Mr. Janik has accomplished such as how much money he has saved the county, what services he has consolidated, staff functions streamlined, increased department effi- ciencies to get a better sense of ROI, (Return On Investment) in return for his hefty salary. His long tenure is not surprising given the actual work and vacation days on the job given the amount of compensation.

It is time for the public (taxpayers) to know exactly what each and every county official is contributing for the betterment of Leelanau County and not just ‘broad brush’ additional compensation packages until we understand the full value.

Fred A. Jelley
N. Nanagosa Trl
Suttons Bay

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