2017-06-29 / Letters

Departing teacher offers good-byes; good thoughts

To the editor:

Since I was recuperating from surgery at the end of the school year, I did not get the proper chance to say my goodbyes to students, staff, and community of Glen Lake Community Schools.

I have given and will still give my heart and soul to the students that I have been honored to have in my charge. I hope that the impact from starting the German Exchange program, the Stratford Trip, MSU Journalism conventions and camps, leading the NCA/AdvancED accreditation preparation and including staff in writing school improvement plans will continue to enrich students’ and staff’s hearts and minds. It is my hope that I have made a positive, encouraging, and loving impact on all of the students and their families that I have had in my English, reading, journalism, and drama classes throughout the years. I want you to know that I will still be with you in spirit.

You have also been there as a community and school for me to help my own children battle cancer and depression. I am truly grateful and may God bless you for it. I appreciate the 16 wonderful years teaching students and working with the staff and community. I will be finishing my dissertation this next year and will complete my doctorate in Education Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.

Remember students, the world is your oyster and thoughts become things — choose the good ones!

Kind Regards,
Carla Gipson Van Farowe
Case Road

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