2017-06-29 / Local News

County Dates

Fire up grill for Lions Club

The Cedar/Maple City Lions Club is planning a timely fundraiser from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, offering to fill up your 20-pound propane grill tank for $7.

Club members are working with Stevens Propane, located off Maple City Road just south of M-72, to fill propane tanks. The club will keep profits from the project for local charitable programs, including helping with eye care.

A generous donation from Lions Canna and Todd Guernsey allows for the low refill price.

Enlightening conversations

The opening act in the 2017 Leelanau Summinars series will take in the future of one of the county’s most visible attractions.

Dan Oginski, the lead contact for a nonprofit that now owns the North Manitou Shoal Lighthouse, will speak starting at 10 a.m. next Wednesday, July 5, at the Old Art building. Oginski is expected to provide an update for the future of the lighthouse, which for years provided a guiding light for ships in the Manitou Passage. The nonprofit bought the lighthouse from the federal government.

More coverage about the Summinars can be found on the cover of Section Two.

Comedy act plays in Northport

Looking for a night away from serious topics? Try a night of comedy at the Northport Community Arts Center Saturday at 8 p.m. when Dave Dyer comes to town.

Dyer has a long career, playing at venues from small nightclubs to 5,000-seat outdoor theaters. In his bio, he explains why his act survives.

“The reason I’ve survived is because there is nothing... NOTHING...like performing live comedy and after all of these years, I still love it. The feedback is immediate and just.”

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