2017-07-06 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority Building permits issued

Village of Suttons Bay

Suttons Bay Land LLC (Peter J. Leabo) Construct commercial add/ alteration: Addition – main floor addition with second floor addition and deck. Alteration – kitchen and restroom at 658 S. West Bay Shore Drive ($222,140).

Bingham Township

Norma J. Simmons (Self) Construct residential post framed building, one story 32’x48’ with unfinished interior at 3628 S. Lake Leelanau Drive ($30,720).

Katheryn Majeske et al (Self) Construct residential add/alteration – crawl space, unfinished basement, main floor, second floor and covered porch at 2375 S. Lake Leelanau Drive ($93,460).

Daniel P. and Sandra Grant (Self) Construct residential add/addition – unfinished basement, covered porch, unfinished attached garage, unconditioned second floor storage above garage at 3918 S. Lake Leelanau Drive ($39,280).

Rebekah E. Fahey Trust (Shugart Builders Inc.) Construct residential single family dwelling, two story, wood frame, unfinished basement, main floor, second floor, covered porch, screened porch, and finished attached garage with above garage storage at 8743 E. Donner Road ($367,970).

Bruce G. and Karen J. Braden (Northwood Construction and Real Estate) Construct commercial alterations; remove and replace trusses on both ends of building, remove shingles in center and shingle complete building at 8397 E. Bingham Road ($32,400).

Centerville Township

Donald M. and Phyllis M. Hadley (J&R Properties of Suttons Bay LLC) Construct residential addition to single family dwelling, one story, wood frame: main floor, covered porch and deck. Alteration: main floor, windows, siding and roofing at 6499 S. Lake Shore Drive ($60,880).

Amoritas Holdings LLC (Gerard Belanger) Construct commercial interior alteration – Wine processing room within an existing structure ($18,418).

Holy Rosary Catholic Church (Self) Construct two tents: one 40’x100’, occupant load – 266 and one 30’x60’, occupant load – 120 for church chicken dinner at 3919 E. Gatzke Road – Rectory ($1).

Cleveland Township

Brian J. and Marcie L. Hester (Husky Metal Roofs Inc.) Remove and replace upper roof shingles to single family dwelling at 7728 S. Stachnik Road ($15,000).

Elmwood Township

William J. and Esther Krueger (Self) Construct residential alteration – finish basement at 9481 E. Cherry Bend Road ($43,200).

Kasson Township

Matthew S. Hobbins (Azack Builders Inc.) Construct single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, unfinished basement, main floor, covered porch, deck and unfinished attached garage at 39 W. Golden Meadow Drive ($192,460).

Bradley M. and Kathy J. Roynon (Thomas C. Lootens) Construct residential post frame building, one story, wood frame, finished interior at 11187 S. Gilbert Road ($30,720).

Leelanau Township

Leroy E. and Linda S. Morse (Self) Construct new MRC single family dwelling model America #50 AMEA, 28’x50’ on crawl space, with covered front porch 8’x16’, enclosed finished three season room and attached garage, interior unfinished at 13897 N. Forest Beach Shores ($107,360).

Brian K. and Sue E. Dooms (Robert E. Underwood) Construct residential alteration – egress window in basement at 15860 E. Cherry Park Drive ($3,500).

Thomas D. and Audrey H. DeVault (Orion J. Howes) Construct residential add/alteration – Six 8 panel ground mounted solar arrays and one barn rood mounted array with 33 panels, Use “U”, Type “VB” at 5755 N. Overlook Road ($59,363).

Leland Township

Thomas M. and Wynona G. Pendergast (Northern Shores Construction) Construct residential interior alterations at 601 S. Chandler Street ($6,345).

Solon Township

Susan A. Boyer (John P. Nink) Construct single family addition for mother in law apartment, one story wood frame on crawl space, main floor, covered porch and interior alterations at 4145 E. Rudolph Road ($51,570).

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