2017-07-06 / Letters

Deputy Bailey went “extra mile”

To the editor:

On June 9, my wife and I had just arrived downstate for a short visit with our daughters when I received a call from Leelanau Deputy Sheriff Steve Bailey. A neighbor had reported that one of my wife’s horses was outside its pasture fence.

It was late at night, and there was really only one sure and immediate option. So, with absolutely no experience with horses, Deputy Bailey agreed to lead and secure the horse in its enclosure. Following detailed guidance, he nervously succeeded without incident. It’s nice to know that we have dedicated and brave public servants who are as handy with a lead-rope as they are with handcuffs.

Thank you Deputy Bailey for going the extra mile.

Mike Wildman
E. Fort Rd
Suttons Bay

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We also appreciated the

We also appreciated the kindness and consideration shown to us by Deputy Bailey during a recent road safety concern in Northport. We agree that our community is very fortunate to have him here.