2017-07-13 / Letters

Be respectful of cyclists; county could do more

To the editor:

A front-page story in last week’s paper was headlined, “It’s bikes v. cars on county roadways.” If it’s bikes v. cars, cars will always win. My 6-yearold great-nephew was killed by a motorist while riding his bicycle on a residential street in Florida last year. We need to respect the rights of cyclists and share the roads.

I am a bicyclist, a driver and a taxpayer. Sometimes I may be behind a group of cyclists that cause me to slow down, other times I may be riding my bike when a car whizzes by me uncomfortably close. But the roads are for all of us.

What if we actually celebrated and encouraged cyclists to ride through out beautiful county? Consider this: Michigan, consumers spend $18.7 billion annually on outdoor recreation. Much of this is travel-related; e.g., accommodations, food and drink. Why not try to attract more of that business?

Our county does little to support much less attract the spending associated with cyclists. Many roads have no shoulder and when repaving is done, no thought is given to widening the shoulder enough for a bike to safely ride outside of the driving lane.

So, yes, cyclists, please follow the rules of the road. Drivers, please pull around cyclists, leaving as wide a berth as possible, even slowing down a little. After all, would getting to your destination five minutes sooner really change your life? I’ll tell you what would — killing a cyclist.

Karen Mulvahill
PO Box 40

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