2017-07-13 / Letters

Health bill would be ‘devastating’

To the editor:

Our Representative in Congress, Jack Bergman, has somehow avoided interacting with his constituents during the July Congressional recess. Perhaps it is because he fears having to answer a few questions:

“How will you vote if the Senate Republican’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare comes back to the House for a roll call vote?”

“Do you know that the Senate bill would cause 36,500 of your lower-income constituents to lose the healthcare coverage now provided by Governor Snyder’s Healthy Michigan Program?

“Do you know that the Senate bill would also deny nursing home care to some 2,900 of your very poor, but elderly constituents?”

“Do you know that some 10,900 of your middle-income constituents who now qualify for Federal subsidies to purchase health insurance would be forced to drop their health insurance coverage because they could no longer afford the premiums?”

Congressman Bergman, please read the Congressional Budget Office Report and learn just how devastating the Senate bill would be for residents of Michigan’s First Congressional District.

Jay S. Johnson
Jonathon Ct., Empire

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