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Weather may be important, but it’s also been ‘weird’

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I really hate talking about the weather. However, it certainly has been the subject of importance and pretty weird this year. The good thing is that hasn’t stopped visitors.

* * *

Empire honored the Anchor with gusto on the week-end.

* * *

Normally this is the time of year that I start talking about the Glen Lake Bridge Walk. The Glen Lake Bridge Walk was started in 1995 with very little fanfare, but an amazing number of people showed up to have a good time. It was originally started as a spoof of the Mackinac Island Bridge with the idea that we have a bridge — why not use ours? It takes much less time and effort because it’s .3 mile or in modern parlance .3K and not 5 miles.

Unfortunately nothing is forever, and this will probably be the last Glen Lake Bridge Walk. I guess 22 years is a pretty good run — or walk as it were. I have spoken with the proprietor of The Compass Rose Bakery, Janice Richards, who has said that they will have something at the end of the walk, which has been tradition.

It’s too bad that the Bridge Walk will end. However, participation seems to have been going down and one of the sponsors was not going to do T-shirts again, which I don’t feel are that important. But no one wants to be in charge of the bridge walk.

We will have T-shirts this year, according to Tim Barr at Arts. There has been a different collector T-shirt every year with the first one in 1996.

Let’s have this be a great Bridge Walk as a sendoff. The thought will still be there, the memories will still be there, and the bridge will still be there.

* * *

The Moxie Strings, one of Michigan’s most loved instrumental acts, will be performing on the studio stage at the Glen Arbor Artist Association Sunday at 8 p.m.

Northern California’s Rita Hosking sings of culture clash, dishes, forest fires, black holes, and hope. Hosping partners with Sean Feder on sparkling dobro and banjo, and Bill Dakin on upright bass. The “Rita Hosking’s Treo will performing on the GAAA studio stage next Wednesday, July 26, at 8 p.m.

And Jetty Rae, a singer-songwriter known for her powerful and melodic voice, will perform Sunday, July 30, at 8 p.m.

* * *

Get well wishes to Bob House. I understand he is recuperating at home.

* * *

The GAAA is showing art by some of our summer instructors through Aug. 31. Exhibitors include Robert Ashmun, photography; Mary Brodbeck, Mokuhanga printmaking; Linda Dewey, pastel; Jane Ditri, pastel; Hank Feeley, acrylic; Mary Guntzviller, watercolor; John Huston, ceramics; Jim Jacoby, photography; LC Lim, monotype printing; Joseph Lombardo, oil; Joan Richmond, gouache painting; Ken Richmond, watercolor; Lynn Uhlmann, gouache; and David Westerfield, oil.

* * *

Happy Birthday wishes to Linda Gretzema, Kathy Aylesworth and Jennifer Williams.

* * *

Be careful, be kind be happy. Go Sox.

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