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Litany of reasons that Hillary lost; Obama out lecturing

To the editor:

Traditionally, past presidents politely disappeared. Obama’s out lecturing, critiquing and fundraising for 1,000 offices nationwide defeated during his reign, whilst professing his administration was scandal- free. Others saw scandals running roughshod without accountability.

Obama’s playmate, “scandal- free” Hillary, is out declaring roughly 18 reasons why she lost, none of which are Hillary’s inexcusable (Obama condoned) illegal server creating inexcusable security risks. Hillary’s selling government access via Clinton Foundations domestic and foreign donations. Hillary’s selling Russia 20% of America’s uranium for Clinton Foundations anticipated $145 million kickback, or Hillary and friends destroying government property aka evidence of Hillary’s unprosecuted criminal “matter” by Obama’s corrupt Justice Department! Oppose Hillary’s immaculate credentials, Hillary sanctimoniously vilified you “un -American, irredeemable, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, basket of deplorables.”

Media’s darling, “scandal free” Obama, skated through 8 years of propagandist press love fests after gun- running to Mexican drug cartels, lying over Benghazi’s victims caskets, IRS corruption, and incessantly lying about failing Obamacare’s superiority after Obamacare’s “architect” called his “designed to fail” Obamacare true believers “stupid.”

Having dismissively downplayed America’s Islamic terrorist victims as “workplace violence”, Obama graciously handed benevolent Islamic Iranians chanting “death to America” $150 billion for nuclear weapons slated for annihilating America! Yo Obama, on annihilation day, where will you be?

Unsecured borders, aka Obama’s 8-year voter drive, continues to “welcome” and coddle anonymous ‘friends and family’ trespassers, amongst felons, MS13 gangs and terrorists, willfully violating laws, unlawfully invading American’s homeland.

Obama’s threshold for Democrat malpractice appears nonexistent, his enforcement of Constitutional laws strictly self- serving.

Obsessed losers seeking revenge echo “Russian- Trump collusion” while professing they’re “saving democracy.” Instead they’re unintentionally exposing more Lynch, Comey, Hillary and Obama’s barefaced lawlessness, abuse of power, and lies, and it ain’t pretty!

Belated Happy Birthday America and Godspeed!

Mary L Bowen
P.O. Box 116

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