2017-07-20 / Letters

World is wedded to fossil fuels for several reasons

To the editor:

Regarding Alice Littlefield’s “denier” remarks - yes we are wedded to fossil fuels because of affordability, necessity and practicality. In addition, due to technological advances in fracking and horizontal drilling and pipeline expansions we are totally independent of energy needs and are not at the mercy of Iran ayatollahs, Mideast sheiks or Russian presidents. Seems to me this might help dismiss baseless Russian collusion charges since POTUS Trump has been a strong advocate of these advances.

Wind and solar is all well and good, except in 2016 it only accounted for 7 percent of the US electric power needs, hardly an endorsement by the public at large. Perhaps it is not reliable nor affordable and people don’t want to rely on shanks mare?

As for small cars, your choice, but many people are willing to spent a little “extra” to provide comfort and safety for themselves and loved ones they transport - you only go around once.

Last, I ask, “How have you been negatively impacted by “questionable” climate change?” Perhaps readers could share some of their personal negative experiences.

David A. Canfield
P.O. Box 837

Editor’s note: Mr. Canfield is replying to a letter published in the June 15 edition that also contained a letter he had written. His reply had to wait four weeks for publishing in adherence with Enterprise guidelines.

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