2017-07-20 / Views

Septic issue moves to townships

At the risk of upsetting our environmentally-conscience friends, we’re glad the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners rejected a proposal to set up a committee to study whether county-side septic field inspections should be enacted.

Support for requiring inspections when properties change hands is clearly lacking among commissioners. So why set up a committee?

The latest rejection at the county level moves the issue to townships, and perhaps that’s where it belongs. Some township boards have the political fortitude to enact such a regulation; others don’t.

Coincidently, the need for private septic regulation is also patchwork in nature. Should a sewer inspection be required for a private home sale near a cornfield in Kasson Township?

Perhaps inspections should only be required along shorelines, where a failed system could affect the water quality of an inland lake.

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