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Summer visitors abound in Omena

Sharing a birthday with Arnold
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It’s that time of year when Omena is full of visiting friends and family.

* * *

Waldo Abbot and his family are enjoying time together at the Abbot Cottage. Mack Abbot graduated from the University of Virginia in May with his MBA, and is enjoying a few weeks in Omena. Evan Uhlick and Ashton Abbot have moved back to the West Village of NYC after several years in Athens, Greece. They are here through July along with their French bulldog, Gordon. Brenda Anderson and Tom Rohlf arrive this coming week.

Gordon had plenty of canine company right next door at the Moore Cottage, where three dogs are visiting. The Moore family is also enjoying family time together. Eric Moore is here from Florida, along with his dog. Martine came from Spokane with her dog. Anne Moore is here from DC, as are Peter and Danielle, along with a DC canine. They are just relaxing, and avoiding anything that could be considered “newsworthy.”

On down the Fire Lane, the Goldman Cottage is filled with young voices. Phil and Susie are enjoying time with son Todd and his wife Sara, from Scottsdale, with their four children, Arlie, 13, Ellie, 9, Sam, 8, and Max, 6.

July has been a busy family month for the Oberndorfs. Caroline’s niece, husband and 5 year old twins arrived from Atlanta for the long July 4th weekend. Ed took them to his 58th July 4th Leland Parade. A few days later Caroline and Ed flew to Denver to visit their son Michael and his wife Connie to see their 20 year old granddaughter perform in Hairspray, playing the lead role of Penny at a professional theater. Their son Rob is in Omena, en route from Burma (Myanmaar) to Omena, joined them there. Rob will be in Omena through Aug. 12.

Helen Putnam Bradley’s son Mark and his family are here from Austin, Texas for a visit with Frieda and Helen. He and his wife Dondi and their three children, Jack, Bodie and Scout are spending lots of time on the beach, and loving the not-Texas weather.

Aiden Armbruster, 5 year old grandson of Kim and Dennis Armbruster, enjoyed spending a week in the Omena area around the Fourth of July. This was the first adventure with Grandma and Grandpa, and he enjoyed it very much. He was most brave on the Cherry Festival rides, and liked the parades, beaches and fireworks. The next week, Isaac Armbruster, 9 years old, traveled with Kim and Dennis to West Virginia, where they all had a fun filled day white-water rafting on the New River. The next day they went horseback riding. Both were new experiences for Isaac. The next two days were spent at King’s Island, north of Cincinnati, Ohio, taking in many park rides and spending one hot day at the Soak City water park, After returning Isaac to Lansing. Kim and Dennis are glad to be back in Omena.

* * *

There is also a number of new residents enjoying their Omena homes for their first summer here. The Omena News would like to welcome three of the new families on the East Page Lane, across from Sunset Lodge. Sunset Lodge owners are Dan and Mary Ziegeler, and Mary’s sister, Liz Sugar, and her husband Bob are one of the new families right across the street. Liz and Bob and their daughters Sarah and Betsy were here this past month for their first extended stay at the cottage. Sarah lives in Ann Arbor and is beginning work on a master’s degree in public health at UM. Betsy just graduated from high school and is in Dublin, Ireland, for a summer program before she begins college at Davidson in N.C. They did a lot of biking, hiked the dunes, and paddle-boarded in Omena Bay, and got to meet many Omena neighbors.

Liz’s friend Karen O’Callaghan visited from Monterey, Calif. She had never been to northern Michigan and really loved Omena and all of Leelanau County, including a bike ride on Sleeping Bear Heritage trail, visiting Northport Farmer’s Market and beautiful hikes near Omena Bay. The Ziegeler’s son, Dan, who lives in St. Paul, Minn., was also here. He had fun hanging out with his cousins and also helped out with many Sunset Lodge-related projects.

Two more new East Page Lane families are long-time friends from Plymouth, Mich. Dave and Kathy Spohn have three grown daughters. Their daughter Ashely and her husband Brian Zak have a 1½-year-old son, Darren, and live in Chicago. Their other two daughters are twins. Andrea lives in Detroit. Alison and her husband Jaime Masters have a daughter Joanna, who is 7 months old, and they live in Cincinnati. The family has been coming to Leelanau County for years. Kathy’s sister has a home in Lake Leelanau.

Dave Spohn will be celebrating his 60th birthday with family and friends on Aug. 2. Dave’s parents, sister and brother-in-law, nephew and his wife, and sister-in-law and brother-in-law will also attend a fun filled day of kayaking in Omena Bay, delicious food, and family time. This makes Aug. 2 the only day in the Omena News with six birthdays and/or anniversaries. Three other days have five and two have four.

* * *

Judy Mardigian and Si Nahra just celebrated their one year anniversary of opening their Omena home on East Page Lane this month. Their adult children Charlie and Sandy visited from Chicago the week of July 4th. The Nahra’s also celebrated the engagement of their daughter Sandy to Jonny Hopwood, from England and Bermuda, on Memorial Day weekend. Si and Judy love the peninsula, and especially Omena, and are spending most of their summer there.

* * *

I am hearing rave reviews about the very funny NCAC play, Leading Ladies. There are just three more performances – tonight and Saturday at 8 pm, and Sunday at 2 pm.

* * *

The NAA’s Plein Air Reception and Sale is Sunday, and the association has about 50 artists participating this year. There was such a great turnout last year, and this year should be even bigger. Come and watch as the painters paint during the day, and then come to the sale and reception beginning at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

* * *

The Omena Historical Society’s two-day class, Painting in Miniature by Gail Koch, will be held on Aug. 9 and 10 from 9:30 a.m. to noon in the Omena Community Room in the Firehall. This has been a popular class in the past, with the Gail’s stories of growing up in Omena sprinkled through the instruction. Go to the OHS website for more information or to register.

* * *

The Omena Village Preservation Association’s (OVPA) annual meeting is this coming Monday at 10 a.m. in the Omena Community Room in the Fire Hall. The public is welcome to attend and hear about this organization’s good work in Omena.

* * *

On Sunday, the Omena Presbyterian Church is pleased to have Rev. Matt Fitzgerald, senior pastor at Saint Paul’s United Church of Christ in Chicago. Matt is also an Omena seasonal resident. The special music will be provided by instrumentalists Evy Sussman, Terry Stellingworth and Jan Ostrowski on the cello, flute and violin, and Randall Nicholls as soloist. This will be Patrick Kuhl’s last week on the organ. The Omena Historical Society has invited the congregation to stroll down to the Putnam-Cloud Tower House Museum after the service for cookies and lemonade. The worship service is from 10:00 - 11:00 am.

* * *

July 30 is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 70th birthday. Do you know how I know that? Because he was born on the very same day as my wife, Debby. Sam Goldman turns 8 this week. Happy Birthday also this week to Dave Spohn, Katherine Edgley, Lisa Wittig, Stefanie Colling, Jen Kemper Wallis, Nancy Smith, Annette Husted, Nina Lingaur, Carol Silverman, Mariah Kalchik, Judy Fowler, Joan Kalchik-TenBrock, and Sophia Sica Mosher. Happy anniversary to Bert and Betty Wheeler, Bob and Kori Wheeler, Jeff and Cindy Dailey, Tim and Aimee Harris, Joe and Suza Barrera, and Craig and Marisa Pavia.

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