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Lost bracelet an heirloom for Crowleys

Fell off wrist in Glen Arbor
By Alan Campbell
Of The Enterprise staff

RICHARD CASPER Alt Jr. is shown wearing the bracelet given him by his father during World War II. He is shown with his wife. RICHARD CASPER Alt Jr. is shown wearing the bracelet given him by his father during World War II. He is shown with his wife. A bracelet with gold-colored Navy wings that passed through four generations of a family that summers along Lake Michigan has been lost in the Glen Arbor area.

It’s owners are asking for any information related to the bracelet, which was given by a father to his son who was a Navy pilot in World War II.

“We keep reminding ourselves that it’s a thing,” said Candy Alt Crowley. “It’s not a person and nobody died. But it has a lot of history.”

Crowley is the former CNN anchor of the Sunday morning talk show “State of the Union.” She is also remembered as moderator in the first Presidential debate in 2012.

The Alt family has owned a home along Lake Michigan since the early 1960s. Crowley recalls fondly visiting the area during summers as a child growing up.

The bracelet was misplaced for years as family members died and the bracelet was stored away. It’s inscribed with the name, “Richard Casper Alt, Senior” — Crowley’s grandfather — and has three dates inscribed on the back. They are 1944, 1970, 1989 and 1999.

“It has a lot of history,” said Crowley, who is now a fellow at the Harvard institute of Politics and takes on speaking engagements.

Richard Alt Sr. gave the bracelet to his son, Richard Alt Jr., who was serving in World War II. The bracelet was rediscovered in 1970 by Richard Jr.’s wife, who refurbished it and presented it to her husband on his 47th birthday. He wore it until his death in 1989.

The bracelet was then passed to his son — Crowley’s brother — the late Richard Casper Alt III, a Naval Lieutenant JG who served in Vietnam in underwater demolition.

Ten years later, Richard Alt III gave the bracelet to his nephew and Crowley’s son, Richard Webster Crowley, a neurosurgeon in Chicago.

Crowley said the bracelet was worn daily by family members.

“I never remember him having it off,” she said about her father, “as did my son. There’s two things my dad always wore, and they were his wedding ring and the bracelet.”

But one day during her son’s recent visit to the family summer home, Crowley said the bracelet fell off his wrist. It could have been lost in several places that day, which included a walk down Thoresen Road and a visit to Glen Arbor to shop.

“We knew somewhere along the line it was lost,” she said. “He was throwing his children on his shoulders and playing ... we do know when he lost it; we don’t know when he lost it.”

Anyone with information is asked to call family friend Shannon Bela at (231) 883-9930.

“It is a meaningful thing,” Crowley said.

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