2017-07-27 / Letters

Fire chief makes lasting impression following accident

To the editor:

I saw that you reported the good news of Chief (Daniel) Besson moving into Leland. I just wish to share our story of the wonderful kindness Chief Besson provided to my family this past Monday.

We were visiting Leland and unfortunately ended up in a car accident. Luckily there were no personal injuries but the van we had rented was not in a drivable condition. We were staying in Traverse City so we were officially stranded.

Chief Besson who has a heart of gold, in my opinion, voluntarily offered to drive us to a rental car facility in Traverse City. Needless to say, that random act of kindness is forever engraved in our hearts! We also got water bottles from one of the neighbors and hugs for my 3 children from a nice lady driving a van with a pool sign.

We are so grateful to all the folks from Leland who helped us out. And of course, a very special thanks to the Chief. Hoping you can at least add this special note in your paper. It’s always nice to recognize the angels who cross our paths!

Maria Jarquin-Lesky
Camarillo, Calif.

Editor’s note: We can’t improve upon Ms. Jarquin-Lesky’s words. As a follow up, she wrote that her family didn’t have much time to enjoy Leland, but “that’s on our list in the future. We truly were impressed with your community’s tender loving care of us!”

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