2017-07-27 / Letters

Northport arts supporters back Glen Arbor efforts

To the editor:

Reading your editorial brought back so many memories. Everything that Glen Arbor is dealing with now, we had to deal with in 1999 and on and on and on.

One of the most important things we did was pick the right architect! Our Northport Community Arts Center acoustics are arguably the best in the county. We should add that, including the growing pains involving fundraising, programming, operations, public relations and so much more, our memories are positive and worth the outcome.

We could easily be cheerleaders for the wonderful, arts-appreciating community of Glen Arbor. We know their dreams can come true.

Ann and Ken Bloomquist
Island View Drive

Editor’s note: The Bloomquists were there from the ground up for the design and construction of the Northport Community Arts Center. He is the former director of bands for Michigan State University and she is a talented voice instructor and former director of plays and the Village Voices.

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