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Looking Back

5 YEARS AGO August 2, 2012

Voters in Empire and Centerville Townships will have tough decisions when they go to the polls on Tuesday. The first is to decide whether to forgo voting in their township races in favor of having a say in county races.

* * *

A campaign flyer received this week by Leelanau County residents leaves the impression that the Leelanau Enterprise published a press release issued by the Derek Bailey state House campaign proclaiming him as the “candidate best suited to solidify the Democratic base.” The Enterprise never published a press release with that statement, and has learned that results of a poll used as its basis show that the race remained close just weeks before the Primary election.

* * *

The long-time department head of the Leelanau County Commission on Aging has been placed on paid, non-disciplinary leave by county Administrator Chet Janik for allegedly having employees inflate their mileage requests. Janik followed up on questions brought by a CoA employee who noticed irregularities while compiling payroll information while a co-worker was on vacation. Janik found that not one, but all 14 county parttime employees hired by the CoA as “housekeepers” to assist senior citizens with home care have routinely been totaling business miles in a way that violates county policy.

10 YEARS AGO August 2, 2007

As a controversial plan to build docks in the Lake Leelanau Narrows heads to a new venue — 13th Circuit court — developer Wayne Tyge is ready to begin building them. The board of directors of the Lake Leelanau Lake Association has voted to file suit in Circuit Court to keep the Narrows Land Development Company, owned by Tyge, from building eight slips in the Narrows that would be used by owners of a condominium project already approved by the Leland Township Board.

* * *

The Northport Promise, now a reality, needs an economic shot in the arm to help give the program to fund scholarships for Northport students a boost. This week, the developers of the proposed Timber Shores project did just that. The Northport Promise Steering Committee announced that NM Investment Company, L.L.C., has pledged to contribute $500 from the sale of each unit from Timber Shores and Northport Landings to the Northport Promise.

* * *

Continuing high temperatures and a lack of rain are contributing to low water levels in the Great Lakes, according to officials of the Army Corps of Engineers office in Detroit. Great Lakes water levels have remained flat this summer and were a full 19 inches below the long-term average.

35 YEARS AGO August 5, 1982

More than 80 percent of the deer herd on North Manitou Island died last winter, according to a recent report compiled by a University of Michigan researcher. The study estimates that 1,585 of the island’s 1,933-strong fall deer herd died last winter. Statistics were gathered during a survey of the 14,000 acre island in May.

* * *

A 22-year-old Traverse City man was in “fair” condition at Munson Medical Center today after a 1½ hour ordeal Saturday when the car he was riding in flipped over, pinning him in the wreckage by his head. Authorities said Thomas D. Baker was conscious and talkative during the entire time members of the Cedar Rescue Squad carefully hand-hacksawed the wreckage of his brother’s car from around him. They had to be careful — because parts of the car were embedded in his head.

* * *

State officials hope to have a “draft position” outlining their latest proposal to solve the gill-netting issue mailed to Indian officials this week. According to William Rustem, a negotiator for the governor in talks with Indian officials, the state has also requested that a meeting be set up between the state and representatives of the three tribes now gill-netting in treaty-ceded waters of the Great Lakes.

60 YEARS AGO August 3, 1957

Two deputy sheriffs, several Leland fishermen and members of the Volunteer Fire department, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel missed most of their sleep Monday night when the 40 foot yacht, Barb of Chicago, went aground on Red Bank shoals, three miles southwest of Leland. First word of the disaster reached Leland about midnight when a member of the yacht’s crew, who had swum a mile and a half to shore, called at the Blue Bird Tavern to seek help.

* * *

With the cherry harvest a little more than half completed in this county, the cash payment basis for the fruit dropped sharply this week in this county while holding steady in other areas. From a price of 7 to 7¼, most processors in the Traverse City area dropped Tuesday to a down payment basis of only 4½ to 5 cents.

* * *

John Christianson of Milwaukee was crowned the new champion of the Great Lakes area in the National One-Design sail boat class at the regatta at Leland over the past weekend. Races began last Friday and ended Sunday noon. Christianson, last year’s national champion, piled up five firsts, a second place and a fourth place win in seven races to triumph over a field of 26 entries.

120 YEARS AGO July 29, 1897

A very delightful fishing party in honor of J.H. Hibbard and wife of Chicago, was given on the Lady Watts on Carp Lake, and the afternoon was enjoyed by all.

* * *

Maple City. Dr. Fralick has an elegant boat in process of construction. It will soon be sailing on the lakes in this vicinity. Miss Martha Mahn was married to Mr. Otto at the residence of her parents near here. May they live long and happily together. The W.C.T.U. are at work for the relief of the unfortunate people of Lake Ann. The ladies of this town are hustlers. Miss Winifred Pratt, of Traverse City, talked to the Y.P.W.C.E. at the Friends’ Church.

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