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Lingaur graduation becomes family reunion

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It’s August and Omena is full of family and friends.

* * *

The Lingaurs celebrated their youngest daughter Emily’s high school graduation with a house full of family, pets, and fun. It was the first time that the Lingaurs’ three daughters were all together in three years. Emily graduated from Leland in early June, but they had to work around everyone’s schedule to come up with the July party date. Mason and Shelbie Groot drove all the way from Valrico, Fla., to spend the week. Savannah Lingaur and her friend Josh Bihrle, both from Maryland, also drove here. Savannah is in the Navy stationed at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. The house was full with family and pets.

It was a wonderful week. Emily is manager at the Dam Candy Store in Fishtown this summer.

* * *

The Renz clan is also here in full force. Bill and Rat, and young Bill and Tish, and their daughter Crystal are all here from Cincinnati. Cynnie Dotzauer is here from Snohomish, Wash. Her daughter and son-in-law, Emma and Lane Elliott, and their newest addition to the family, Audrey, are here from Portland, Ore. Audrey celebrated her six-month birthday while here. It’s fun to see four generations of Smith women (Rat was a Smith) together.

* * *

Bill and Mary Loveless are enjoying a visit from their daughter Kate from Los Angeles. Her visit has been made even more fun by the fact that her long time and closest Omena friend, Caroline Gulsby, has been here for 10 days with her. They did everything they used to, including their ceremonial viewing of “Young Frankenstein” - a tradition since their childhood!

Mary has also been the fairy godmother of fairy houses in Omena, and has treated many visitors, young and old to view her, now, 16 houses. Many grandchildren in Omena have taken her inspiration with them to build their own. Jillian Walker has made her own fairy house. Bill and Paula McMenamy’s granddaughters, Clara and Lauren Stevens, have been visiting Mary’s fairy houses for several years, and added the fourth house to their own fairy village this year. John and Judy Smart’s granddaughters, Violet, 5, and Tula, 3, were assisted by their father Adam in building their first fairy house. It was very timely because they had just spent the week before they came here from LA at a fairy camp in Griffith Park, and were intrigued by fairies. Judy said they spent a lot of time looking for fairies. They were so excited about the house that they built that they packed it up in their suitcase and took it back to LA with them.

* * *

Don and Doni Lystra are enjoying a visit from their daughter Margot Lystra, her husband Joseph Marraffino and their four-year old son Zephyr from Ithaca, NY, where Margot has joined the faculty of the Cornell University School of Architecture.

* * *

Brenda Abbot and Tom Rohlf are in town from California.

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