2017-08-10 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Raymond (Pete) Riley- (Levi Krueger LLC) Remove brush and debris from clearing limits, strip top soil and stockpile on site for future use, install 15’ by 12” CMP, raise up road bed 2-4 inches, so finish grade of gravel is above existing grade, install 6’ minimum 22A gravel 12’ plus 50’x20’ camper pad, seed areas of disturbance once grade is finalized at 947 West Bay Shore Drive ($125).

Mike Aja – (RW Pop Excavating) Excavation for septic replacement at 2596 S. Sandy Ridge Road ($125).

Nick Darga – (Self and J.P. Landscaping) Excavation for adding stone landscaping, asphalt driveway eventually at 3185 S. Lee Point Road ($125).

Centerville Township

The Rudy Family Trust – (R.W. Popp Excavating, Inc.) Excavation for site preparation for erection of pole barn at 7404 S. Beachfront Street ($125).

Cleveland Township

Joel and Ashley Heyboer – (Pine Grove Homes) Excavation for new home with attached garage at 1877 E. Swanson Trail ($125).

Leland Township

Jeff Kowatch – (Popp Excavation) Excavation to build new home with garage and septic system at 592 S. Manitou Trail ($125).

Joel Peterson – (Ron Popp) Excavation for new home with attached garage at 2333 Penwood Trail ($125).

Kathleen Birney – (Leelanau Builders) Excavation to build a garage at 503 S. Grand ($125).

Don and Patricia Stogsdill – (Alpers Excavating) Demolish existing cottage and excavation to construct a new home at 2179 N. Wardens Point Road ($125).

Suttons Bay Township

Tracy and Erin Smith – (Northwest Builders) Excavation to build a deck addition at 488 S. Shore Drive ($80).

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