2017-08-10 / Letters

Universal health care would provide boost for everybody

To the editor:

Every other wealthy nation on earth makes healthcare available to all of its citizens. Why haven’t we?

People are afraid their taxes might go to benefit someone too lazy to get a job and pay for their own healthcare. Some politicians take advantage of that fear - indeed, stoke it - to kill any program that might cause the “one percent” to pay another dime in taxes. If they can make us afraid that our tax money might help someone who is undeserving, they can get us to vote down programs that would help us, too. We end up voting against our own self interest.

I believe that each individual should do his best to pull himself up by his own bootstraps. But I also believe it’s a reasonable function of government to ensure that people actually have bootstraps. That’s one of the purposes of public schools. If everyone gets an education, then everyone has a chance in life, and we all benefit, both as individuals and as a country.

In the same vein, we would all benefit if we had universal healthcare. No one would be stuck in a lousy job for fear of losing health insurance. Entrepreneurship would get a boost. Healthcare costs would decrease because people would get care when they need it, rather than waiting until they are seriously - and expensively - ill. Employers would lose less time to employee sickness. Productivity would increase. There would be fewer bankruptcies and less homelessness. Life expectancies would increase. Fewer kids would grow up without a mother or a father, or in foster care. The military would see more able-bodied recruits. America would be stronger.

It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to work together to make this happen. Other nations do it, so don’t tell me we can’t.

Tom Gutowski
S. Lakeview Rd.
Elmwood Township

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