2017-08-17 / Leelanau Log

Construction Code Authority

Village of Empire

Janet G. Davis Trust (Four Squared Residential Construction LLC) Construct residential alteration – finish basement at 11795 S. Roen Drive ($70,695).

Diana D. Oberschultz (Salisbury & Mary Construction LLC) Demolition roof and walls to sub-roof at 11315 S. Lake Michigan Drive ($1).

Village of Northport

Mark S. and Jean E. Skaistis (Leelanau Builders LLC) Construct residential alteration to single family dwelling, one story, wood frame, remove existing, deck and replace with deck, and screened porch at 570 S. Plum Lane ($6,160).

Village of Northport (Northport Omena Chamber of Commerce) Construct temporary open sided tents for Northport-Omena Chamber of Commerce Northport Wine Fest in Haserot Park at 105 S Bay Street ($1).

Centerville Township

Dale F. and Josephine Lingaur (Self) Construct residential alteration – surround for NG fireplace, including mantle, hearth and bookcase on each side at 4020 S. Lake Shore Drive ($4,050).

Elmwood Township

David A. and Valerie K. Palchak (Self) Construct residential add/alteration – basement bedroom at 9880 E. Avondale Lane ($6,030).

Kathryn A. Dindia Trust (John Dinda) Construct residential post frame building 96’x72’ with part of structure a single family dwelling main floor and second floor and deck. Post framed portion unfinished storage includes a ground mount Solar PV system, 64 panel, 12’x100’ at 8608 E. Lakeview Hills Road ($334,760).

Empire Township

David C. and Nancy A. Friend (Newme Corporation) Construct single family dwelling – MRC Manufactured Model #SR-196 - 27’10” x 49’4” Ranch – One story, unfinished basement, main floor at 9987 W. Friend Street ($87,360).

Daniel K. and Judy K. Kirby (Self) Construct residential addition – attached unfinished garage, two story, wood frame, main floor and upper deck at 9800 S. Bow Road ($33,280).

5 Villa Glen LLC (Lamont Residential Builders PLLC) Construct residential add/alteration – Adding a second story and main floor alteration at 4505 W. Villa Glen Drive ($35,100).

Glen Arbor Township

Patricia K. Maceachern Trust (Northshore Exteriors LLC) Complete roof replacement at 14 Brook Hill Cottages ($22,336).

Leelanau Township

Michael E. and Cynthia D. Kittendorf Trust (Scott Norris Construction Inc.) Construct single family dwelling, two story wood frame on crawl space, and attached garage with finished interior at 7501 N. Gills Pier Road ($310,960).

Dawn Brooks (Thomas R. Mastick) Construct single family dwelling, two story, wood frame, crawl space, main floor and second floor at 13183 N. Knollwood Drive ($136,080).

Leland Township

F. John Derrick Trust (Northshore Exteriors LLC) Remove and replace shingles to single family dwelling, 24 squares at 430 N. Terrace Ct. ($8,998).

Tamara A. Broad Trust (Cooley Contracting LLC) Construct residential add/alteration – remove and replace 35 windows and 5 doors at 1288 S. Manitou Trail ($54,652).

Cameron J. and Brenda A. Bonner (Bardenhagen Construction) Remove and replace shingles to a single family dwelling at 1878 S. Manitou Trail ($10,900).

Robert H. Bonner trust (Bardenhagen Construction) Remove and replace shingles on single family dwelling at 1800 S. Manitou Trail ($15,900).

Leland Real Estate LLC (Todd A. Byden) Construct single family alterations to complete interior for certificate of occupancy at 121 S. Grave Ave ($51,440).

Solon Township

Gregory W. and Kathleen A. Becker (Svec Builder, LLC) Construct residential alteration – remove existing deck and build new deck and steps – same footprint at 9413 S. Cedar Road ($700).

Suttons Bay Township

Robert E. and Kathleen M. Korroch (Dale Boone Construction) Construct single family dwelling, 2.5 story, wood frame, crawl space, unfinished basement, main floor, second floor, finished attic at 521 S. Nanagosa Trail ($320,085).

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