2017-08-17 / Leelanau Log

Soil Erosion Permits

Bingham Township

Greg Loughheed – (Camelot Construction) Excavation for a new home foundation and deck at 6568 S. Lake Leelanau Drive ($125).

William and Linda Connor – (Sweetwater Contracting) Demolition of existing house and garage – shed will remain at 7056 Anscer ($125).

Centerville Township

Conrad Donakowski – (Popp Excavating) Excavation for tee removal at 2482 S. Popp Road ($125).

Elmwood Township

Brian and Leslie Kohlhoff – (Lake Shore Marine Construction) Excavation to replace existing seawall and add riprap at 9370 SW Bayshore Drive ($125).

William Shaw – (Self/Bryan Weber) Excavation for driveway access to beach area at 9476 SW Bayshore Drive ($80).

Glen Arbor Township

Linda Stevenson – (Lanham Construction/Elmers Crane) Excavation to dig 5 holes for carport create asphalt drive at 7529 W. Day Forest Road ($125).

Chuck Dudek – (Stenback Builders Inc.) Excavation for addition to home at 7287 W. Day Forest Drive at 7287 W. Day Forest Drive ($80).

Charlotte Smith – (Ryan Farrig) Excavation to remove hill to make room for patio and redirect rain away from house, stone front walkway and driveway repair at 7896 Glen Lake Road ($125).

Leland Township

James Gross – (Popp Excavating) Excavation to remove shed and build 30’x30’ garage with living space above at 3079 N. Lake Leelanau Drive ($125).

St Mary’s Church – (Lake Leelanau Excavating) Excavation leveling ball field at 303 St Mary’s Street ($195).

Leelanau Township

Northport Residential Property LLC – (RW Popp Excavating) Excavation to install planned unit development, including utilities, roadway, storm water control structures and stabilization process at 212 E. 7th Street ($600).

Dale Lersch – (Easling Construction) Excavation to final grade and seed front yard from house to high-water mark at 11527 N. Seven Pines Drive ($125).

Solon Township

Amy White – (Self) Excavation for septic at 4085 E. Traverse Highway ($80).

Suttons Bay Township

Alex Babycz – (Maple Hill Builders LLC) Demolition existing garage and build new 20x36 garage at 41 N. Stony Point Road ($80).

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