2017-08-24 / Letters

Divisions are growing in ‘stable’ countries; let’s talk about them

To the editor:

All around us is enormous uncertainty. We read about war, climate change, drought, wildfires, terrorism, both here and abroad, and suffering refugees that are literally dying trying to find a new home. There are huge divisions within previously stable countries, including ours, as to doable, sustainable solutions. What kind of a country, what kind of people do we want to be?

I do not think I am alone in wanting to act, to actually accomplish something to make our beloved country and the world a kinder, safer, more stable place.

Trinity Church UCC, in Northport, is going to be hosting our annual Belko Peace Lecture on Oct. 7 with Sarah Van Gelder as our speaker.

In preparation for this, on Sept. 13 at 7 p.m. we are hosting a book discussion of Sarah’s book, The Revolution Where You Live, in which she documents 12,000 miles of travel around this amazing country. She speaks of people, in areas like ours, that are overcoming ethnic, economic and political barriers to unite and become true communities, working together for the good of everyone. Let’s start right here at home, where each one of us can make a difference. Please join us! Books can be purchased at Dog Ears Books, Northport.

Betsy Wilson
Northport Point Rd.

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