2017-08-24 / Letters

‘Hope to God’ we’re better than Trump

To the editor:

I won’t mince words: I am no fan of 45. I disagree with his positions and question his fitness to lead our nation. His comments on Tuesday, August 15, however, crossed a line for me that cannot be walked back.

We have lived through a painful and violent history of grappling with and then growing through the civil rights era to recognize what our Declaration of Independence has born witness to for two hundred plus years: that we are all created equal. The fact that a president gave a pass to KKK, White Supremacist and Nazi groups to spew hate and engage in violence while calling some of them “fine people” outrages me to no end.

I hope to God we are better than this, better than him, and possess a fundamental decency and moral compass that surpasses his. God bless ALL Americans.

Mary Foster
N. Lake Leelanau Dr.
Lake Leelanau

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I agree with the writer but

I agree with the writer but we need to remember Michigan and Leelanau County helped put Trump over the top. The amazing thing is his approval among Republicans has not dropped. Folks, we are in trouble.