2017-08-31 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

August 10, 2017

Tammie L. LaCross to Jesse LaCross, Section 27 in Leland Township.

Stephanie Strehl to Nathan Strehl, Section 29 in Elmwood Township.

Judith N. Freeman, as Trustee of the Judith N. Freeman Revocable Living Trust to herself, Section 19 in Glen Arbor Township.

Judith N. Freeman to herself and James S. Freeman, Co-Trustees of the Freeman Family Cottage Trust, Section 27 in Glen Arbor Township.

Harrison Properties North, LLC to Sally C. Harrison, an undivided 1% interest of Lots 113 and 134, Block 8 in the Village of Suttons Bay.

Joseph and Mary Flynn to 4380 S. Sugar Loaf Mountain LLC, Unit 2, Grand View Condominium in Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Robert Drow, Jean Grant, Oscar Drow, Betty Bardenhagen, Shirley Miller, Dan Drow, Tom Drow, Rose Korson, Greg Drow, Mike Drow and Mary Lautner to Peter Young, Section 13 in Leland Township ($85,000).

Albert C. Cook Jr., by Albert C. Cool, III, his attorney-in-fact, as to a 1/10 interest and Jane W. Cool, by Albert C. Cook, III, as personal representative of the Estate of Jane W. Cook, and by Albert C. Cook, III, as successor Trustee of the Testamentary Trust under the Last Will and Testament of Jane W. Cook, as to a 9/10 interest to Albert C. Cook, Jr., Section 4 in Empire Township.

Mary A. Nuffer to herself, Unit 6, Port Sutton Condominium in the Village of Suttons Bay.

Leelanau Title Building, LLC to Suttons Bay Township, Unit 3, Hansen plaza Condominium in the Village of Suttons Bay ($197,064).

August 11, 2017

Richard A. and Jennifer L. Zywicki to Tanelle J. Budd, Section 34 in Centerville Township.

Mary A. Cartwright to herself, Unit 6, Bingham Ridge Condominium in Bingham Township.

Thomas E. Ooley and Catherine M. Ritola, Co-Trustees of the James R. Ooley and Nancy A. Ooley Inter-Vivos Trust to Nancy A. Ooley, Section 23 in Empire Township.

Blake Vidor to Blake and Sara J. Vidor, Section 23 in Solon Township.

Philip Poll to himself and Brittany N. Poll, Lot 3, Section 29 in Leland Township.

Cornerstone Affordable Homes, LLC to Blake Vidor, Section 23 in Solon Township ($148,000).

John R. Tosch to David J. Kammerer and Karson J. Kammerer, Lot 2, Section 14 in Cleveland Township ($510,000).

Satori Corporation to John Polster and One Bee, LLC, Lot 1 of Assessor’s Plat No. 2 of the Village of Northport in the Village of Northport (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Jeffrey D. Priest, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Jack D. Priest to Gregory Zenn, Lots 8 and 9, First Addition to Cedar Lake Gardens, Block 3 in Elmwood Township ($176,500).

Nathan and Nina Meekhof to Jay B. and Cheryl A. Willis, Unit 14, Cottonwood Condominium in Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

J. Patrick and Debra McMahon to Daniel J. and Karen K. Legault, Apartment No. 25, Wilderness Condominium in Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

David M. Coonrod to Martin N. Fentner and Giovanna M. Hopkins- Lucia, an undivided ¼ interest in Unit No. 8 Brook Hill Condominium in Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

August 14, 2017

Richard A. Arnell, as Successor Trustee under the provisions of the Paula Y. Arnell Estate Trust with Paula Y. Arnell to Richard Y. Arnell, Unit No. 16 Sun Dance Condominium in Glen Arbor Township.

James M. and Margaret S. Beall to The James M. Beall and Margaret S. Beall Revocable Living Trust, an undivided ¼ interest in Unit 50, Bay View Condominium in the Village of Suttons Bay .

Ericus T. M. and Annette S. Derks to themselves, Lot 13, The Forest in Elmwood Township.

William A. and Patricia A. Rottman, Do-Trustees of the Patricia A. Rottman Trust to Arthur J. and Kim R. Kubert, Lot 3, Section 28 in Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Carol Kapnick to Chad R. and Melissa M. Sell, Lot 4, Section 14 in Centerville Township ($450,000).

August 15, 2017

James C. Cramer Revocable Living Trust to Stephen R. and Melissa S. Tille, Lot 51, Knorrwood Bluffs in Suttons Bay Township ($401,000).

Charles and Susan M. Buxton to Deborah K. Jacobs and Judith A. Worden, Lot 15, Fairway Subdivision in Cleveland Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

August 16, 2017

Daniel Casciano Jr., as Trustee of the Darlene Joan Casciano Trust to himself, Unit 24, Harbor West Marina Village in Elmwood Township.

Thomas G. and Patricia A. Warrow to themselves, as Trustees of the Thomas G. Warrow and Patricia A. Warrow Revocable Living Trust, Lot 4, Section 11 in Centerville Township.

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