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Clarifying what are hate groups; resist in letters

To the editor:

Mr. Canfield’s critical response to my article about Trump and the Boy Scouts indicates that he didn’t understand my letter, or my use of sarcasm. I thank him for his timely letter; the recent events in Charlottesville, Va. will help reinforce one of my points. Mr. Canfield said that I refer to “Republicans as fascist” which I consider to be an insult to my moderate Republican friends and family. For the sake of clarification, those who came to do battle with the peace protesters were armed and armored extremists; ready, willing and able to do serious damage. These were the Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right Republicans, hate groups like White Supremacists, racists, and other misfits. I believe these groups have sided with extreme right Republicans as Trump has done during the last week.

The Boy Scouts were just children that he took advantage of in his usual narcissistic and braggadocio way. They cheered him on at every comment and booed when former President Obama was questioned about his nonattendance to a Jamboree. He took advantage of those children by using the same methods that Hitler used when forming the Hitler Youth Movement. A German immigrant friend of mine told me that watching the Trump rally at the BSA Jamboree reminded her of a Hitler Youth Rally. She said it was so scary to watch.

Mr. David A. Canfield, there are many ways to resist without scorching the Earth and one of them is what I’m doing with my letters. Finally, there has been a pox on our Democracy since November 8th 2016; some folks just choose to live with it.

W.D. Bushey
Lake View Road
Elmwood Twp.

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I'd like to know who Bushey's

I'd like to know who Bushey's immigrant friend is; if she exists she has to be at least 90 to be able to remember anything at all about Nazi Germany. She also was probably a Nazi herself until they lost the war. Unless she was a Communist who somehow survived. It is amazing how, as American troops advanced into the Nazi homeland, signs of Nazi sympathies, like flags, pictures of Hitler on house walls, anything with a swastika on it, disappeared. No one was a Nazi or ever had been. Un-huh. See "The Guns at Last Light" by Rich Atkinson. Anyhow, Bushey is so savagely anti-American that he doesn't even know that this is a republic, not a democracy, and President Trump is not a pox but a lifesaver if people ever quit backstabbing him.