2017-09-07 / Letters

Empire Bd. should specify land eyed for new fire hall

To the editor:

Your editorial (8/31) “Seeing value in views from M-72” gives me the impression that Empire Township is looking at a specific property “a few miles east of the village,” but I’ve not read any news story as to where this piece of land lies. Could you supply any specifics on that particular property? At the July township board meeting Supervisor Carl Noonan only said that we — the taxpayers — would be informed when they’ve “made a decision.” Have they already made their decision without input from the township voters and taxpayers?

As of this now, I have yet to see the minutes of the July meeting put onto the township web site. The July minutes were approved at the township’s August 8 meeting, so it seems to me that those minutes should by now be available for anyone to read online. This all makes me feel that the township board is not being open with the taxpayers. What are they hiding?

Mary Sharry
PO Box 95

Editor’s note: We know only what we reported in previous stories on the subject with information provided by Mr. Noonan. Discussions among Township Board members have been held during closed sessions, which is allowed by state law for the acquisition of property.

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