2017-09-07 / Letters

Northport Creek pleads to run free

To the editor:

Help me be what I once was before you fragmented my life; A free flowing cold water trout stream. You don’t need your algae filled “log pond” that you hastily made when you cut all the timber. The shade trees that kept my water cold so native trout could thrive. Return to me the cedars, alder, birch and ferns that skirted my banks. Give me back nature’s beauty. I need logs for trout habitat and riffles for oxygen. I need a gravel bottom and not pond mud.

Give me full passage so trout can go upstream to spawn like they instinctively desire but cannot. Return to me my natural life so I can do what I was intended to do: Provide a healthy environment that will sustain the life of native trout.

P.S. The idea is that a creek or river does not have a voice. If we look / listen closely, we can imagine what the creek would say if it did have a voice.

David C. Brigham
N. Kehl Rd.

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Thank you, David, for

Thank you, David, for speaking for that which cannot speak, for caring, for potentially opening the eyes of the blind.

I applaud your voice for the

I applaud your voice for the creek and couldn't agree more...thank you for your letter!

That is very sentiment pal,

That is very sentiment pal, but you aren't only one on this earth so quit acting like it.

In what sense does the

In what sense does the letter-writer "act like the only person on earth"? If you disagree with him explain why. You must think there are good reasons for keeping the pond as is. What are they? Instead you just start name-calling.