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Trump not perfect, but neither are his detractors

To the editor:

After President Trump responded with condolences to the family of the diseased, he stated there was “hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides.”

The press implied he was supporting the KKK and Neo-Nazis by not calling them out specifically. So, Trump responded to the press criticism by calling racism evil and said those who caused the violence, “including the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, White Supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.”

Actually his first statement was all-encompassing, in my opinion, but of course not to the anti-Trump press and those who are not willing to accept the results of the election and are trying to remove him from office.

Trump is the President of the United States as elected fairly by the American people. He is not without flaws, but he is a patriotic American, which cannot be said for all those who wish to remove all evidence of America’s history that is distasteful to them. This does not just pertain to Confederacy statues, monuments and names, but also to references to the Judeo/Christian heritage of the country demanding removal of crosses or displays of the Ten Commandments, etc.

It appears there are respectable citizens on both sides of the issue of removing historical monuments, just as Trump indicated. He did not indicate that all involved were “fine people,” yet the letter-writer ends her letter, “God bless ALL Americans.”

Is Foster asking God to bless the KKK, the White Supremacists, the Neo-Nazis, and those who want to replace our U.S. Constitution with Sharia ?

I say let’s pray for all, including the Soros ‘paid “activists”, will have a change of heart. Did not long time U.S. Senate Leader Senator Byrd, former Grand Dragon of KKK, and other prominent KKK Democrats have a change of heart?

Wilma McQueen
Schomberg Rd.
Leland Twp.

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I hope the Lord you bigots

I hope the Lord you bigots all pray too enlightens you and frees you from hate.