2017-09-14 / Letters

Division benefits Trump; cabinet will take away ‘gains’

To the editor:

When has a despot ever benefited from bringing people together? Never. The more division, polarization, conflict and confrontations that a despot can encourage only solidifies his hold onto power. As a despot’s personal news network or propaganda machine warms up, more of the internally disenfranchised target population begin to firmly believe that only the despot or his family can stop the tumble into some dark abyss — and that was the despot’s secret plan all along.

History is full of despots. Their respective countries, civilizations and populations have suffered greatly due to mis-management in their quest for endless personal power. As these countries have been devastated from within, their neighbors in the various regions have been rocked with problems from increased immigration to security concerns for their own self-determination. The rest of the World also continues to suffer because of them.

Look at the current White House administration. Senior advisor positions filled with family members, friends, ideologues and contributors who have no experience or qualifications other than what the President says. They cannot fill out their security or ethics forms without repeated mistakes. An entire Cabinet designed to eliminate every positive gain of the last 60 years. The remaining Senior staff repeatedly spinning at every turn of a TV channel with their “alt-facts” or their own interpretations. The overdue “firing” of fringe advocates Bannon and Gorka, who have vowed to “go to War for Trump” is frightening in and of itself. The ridicule and habitual condemnation of a free and independent Press only further erodes the critical thinking that American voters need to make an informed election decision. Yet, these are the same people who will lead us all to the Promised Land — someday.

I hope not to see this already great country jump into that dark abyss voluntarily.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Bingham Twp.

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