2017-09-14 / Letters

Property manager seeks housing

To the editor:

My name is Alicia. I am the new AmeriCorp VISTA doing a year of Service with Inland Seas Education Association. I am living on Birch Point Farm doing a work-trade for housing, but the season will end soon and I am hoping to stay in the area while working with ISEA. And here is my reason for writing: finding affordable housing is proving very difficult. My living stipend is very limited, so I have an idea that could be mutually beneficial. I am offering to homeowners leaving for the winter my service as a property manager/ caretaker for a housing trade, or for a low rental rate.

I have 3 years experience taking care of an 18-room property, performing winterizing, lawn care, seasonal landscaping and maintenance, care for HVAC, painting, etc. I also have work experience as a housekeeper. References can be provided.

I could afford $450 per month on my stipend, and take care of a home. I would like to have a home by late September or early October. My hope by writing you is to peak the interest of homeowners leaving for the winter who would like the assurance of a caretaker. If this seems an appealing alternative to a vacant property, I am encouraging your readers to contact me to chat about options! I have a good feeling there’s someone out there.

Alycia Symanski
Birch Point Road
Elmwood Township

Editor’s note: The author may be reached at (231) 620-0107.

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