2017-09-14 / Local News

Glen Arbor emergency services wages nears $1 million mark

A $1.92 million budget for fire and emergency services was reviewed last week at a special meeting of the Glen Arbor Township Board.

The board met last Wednesday, Sept. 6, to review the proposed Glen Lake Fire/EMS spending plan for 2018-19. The budget was up 1.7 percent from this year.

Also participating in the meeting was Fire Chief John Dodson and a representative of the department’s Emergency Services Advisory Committee.

No public comment was offered at the first of two public hearings on the budget. A second will be held Tuesday as part of the Glen Arbor Township Board meeting.

The hearings are required as Glen Arbor Township uses a special assessment district to fund its portion of the budget.

The bulk of the budget — compromising about 40 percent of costs — falls in the personnel category. Wages of $973,000 are identified for 2018, up about $28,800 or about 3 percent from this year.

Also related to human resources are health insurance costs, which are expected to come in about $15,000 less than this year at $200,000.

This brings the total “benefits” portion of the budget, which includes $21,000 for a defined contribution plan and $7,000 for life insurance to $232,500, down 5.37 percent from this year.

Fire operations are expected to come in at $102,750, up 7.3 percent from this year. Some $3,000 of the $7,000 increase in this category is attributed to the cost of physicals.

EMS operations are expected at $72,650, up 4.9 percent from this year. This portion of the budget includes; training uniforms, insurance, vehicle fuel/oil, supplies, and billing costs paid to North Flight EMS.

Building operation is expected to come in at $73,500, up 11.36 percent from this year.

The category includes office supplies, telephone, utilities, building maintenance, radio equipment maintenance and office and software maintenance fees.

Capital expenses of $275,800 are included in the proposed spending plan — unchanged from this year. Some $155,000 is identified as an “unassigned capital expense,”; $80,800 is for a payment on the Pierce fire truck.

Glen Arbor Township contributes 53 percent toward expenses for the Glen Lake Department, operated jointly with Empire Township.

Glen Arbor’s contribution toward the 2018 budget is $930,299, which will be generated through a 2.27-mill levy collected in December.

Empire Township is expected to contribute $824,920 next year. The township funds its portion of cost through an extra-voted property millage.

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