2017-09-14 / Local News

‘Itch’ talk comes to TC

An inland lake hazard in Leelanau County will get an airing in Traverse City. The Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership (MSIP) will hold a conference Monday from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Haggerty Center in Traverse City.

Rob Karner, watershed biologist for Glen Lake, will review various research and training initiatives spearheaded by the Glen Lake Association and MSIP at the gathering.

“The object of the conference is to present the latest findings from, the comprehensive programs conducted this summer on five area lakes,” said Jim Vondale, MSIP co-chair. “The work done this summer will be invaluable in advancing the understanding of this problem which plagues many area lakes, causes much discomfort for swimmers, and also impacts property values and the economy. Better knowledge and research will help us to design more sustainable an cost-effective solutions.”

Presenters include Ron Reimink and Freshwater Solutions and Randy DeJong of Swimmer’s Itch Solutions who have completed merganser control and swimmer’s itch research projects on Glen Lake, Lake Leelanau, Lime Lake, Crystal Lake and Higgins Lake this year.

Both Reimink and DeJong have extensive experience in research and control of the swimmer’s itch life cycle, and area leaders and innovators in current control techniques.

Registration is required for the conference and can be completed at MISIP/org.

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