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Fortunate to have Heritage Trail; finish the entire length

To the editor:

How fortunate we are to have the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as an asset to our county. The Heritage Trail traversing this park is a joy to use. The proposed final segment takes it from County Road 669 (Bohemian Road) to the northern terminus of the park at County Road 651.

The group Citizens for Scenic Heritage Trail is suggesting that the trail should stop where it ends now— Bohemian Road. Among their concerns is that continuation of the trail will cross privately owned land. This claim is not true.

The proposed route is totally within Park boundary or public right of way. The idea to end the trail where it is now and the continuation should not be mutually exclusive. Amenities at both sites can benefit trail users.

Another of their concerns is the proposed route is through a residential neighborhood. What better place to have a trail? Residents can use the trail right out their door! Portions of the completed trail have been designed and built with a minimum of impact to the forest and wetlands. Continued construction will continue with the same care. The Trail’s intention is to travel the entire length of the park allowing access to all areas. We feel this is what should be done and the sooner the better.

Tom and Marnie Sutter

E. Mountain View Trail


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I can hear the vast majority

I can hear the vast majority of the County cheering the trails completion. So few oppose it and they use untrue claims as they have so little to site opposing it. Paved please, so wheelchairs, kids, bike trailers and thin tired bikes can use it. A community spirit builder like the current trail has been

I agree with this. I

I agree with this. I submit, proximity to the trail and easy access to the trail will add value to nearby property around and near Little Traverse Lake.