2017-09-21 / Letters

Kids should be studying rather than working on ‘game’

To the editor:

Tim Skubick’s column on the Department of Education omitting unfavorable facts showing student test scores are poor was interesting. But it didn’t explore why they’re poor.

I wonder how many kids attend lesser colleges than they could have because they spent high school pretending to be “athletes”, and working on their “game?” I wonder how many kids accomplished nothing at all in high school for the same reason?

Even the bowling team gets bus service. The advanced kids who enroll at MTA don’t. Does that reveal anything?

How many kids aspired to other pursuits but never tried because the program was barely alive, non-existent, or in school/community culture brings none of the validation sports does?

Should we consider investing monetarily and culturally in our kids real futures, which is undeniably education? Or should we keep building additional football fields at schools with only 700 K-12 and a trendline of declining enrollment?

Sports truly are great, until they’re not. Buyer beware!

Todd Bredin

W. Traverse Lake Road

Maple City

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