2017-09-28 / Letters

Save the mental help for students who really need it

To the editor:

Mental illness is a human problem, and not to be mistaken for our current campus political drama. There is no reason to think students are so fragile that they personally feel threatened by ideas. They’re making a pretense of psychological trauma in their goal of purging the campus of any ideas that do not conform to leftist ideology.

Counseling services on campus are spending valuable time, with scare resources, to bend to the demands of students for safe spaces, complaining about micro-agressions and saying words are violent. Only a minority of students have serious mental problems. They deserve support and priority.

We have reasons to be concerned. Social psychologist Jean Twenge in her new book, “iGen,” argues that smart phones and social media have created a mental health crisis in our young people. As the ancient Greeks believed, everything in moderation.

Carol Montpetit
N. Manitou Trail, Northport

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