2017-09-28 / Letters

Trump disrespects America much more than NFL players

To the editor:

President Trump claims to be very offended by an NFL player exercising his right to free speech. I will always stand for the National Anthem, but will respect the rights of those who choose not to. The First Amendment gives us that right. Our freedoms are what makes us who we are, and none of us want to live in a country where freedom of speech doesn’t exist.

These are the things that totally disrespect our flag and our country: flying the Confederate flag (the states rights that it represented, was the right to own slaves. They lost the war, there is no Confederacy, only the United States of America). Flying the Nazi flag, marching in our streets heiling Hitler, and wearing KKK robes. Why didn’t these things offend Trump more than a football player taking a knee?

This President demeans a POW, a Gold Star family, women, and like a bully on the playground calls childish names to anyone who disagrees with him. His silly tweeting, name-calling, and lack of knowledge shows more disrespect to the Oval Office, the flag, and our country than any NFL player ever could.

Sharon K. Rose
P.O. Box 26

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