2017-10-05 / Leelanau Log

Real estate transfers recorded in county

September 7, 2017

Charles D. McKenna and Dorene P. McKenna to Danilee Wallach, Lot 4, Section 14 in Centerville Township.

Danilee Wallach to Marc Wallach and herself, Trustees or any successor in trust, under the Marc Wallach and Danilee Wallach Living Trust, Lot 4, Section 14 in Centerville Township.

Brandin B. and Jean M. Klein to ReKlein and UnWine LLC, Lot 11, Sunrise Terrace Subdivision in Centerville Township.

Alfred J. Schopieray and Elizabeth J. Novak to themselves, Lots 1 and 2 of Block 9 of the Village of Cedar in Solon Township.

Herbert A. Salgat Jr. to Julie Rapson and David W. Rapson, Lot No. 2, Cedar Creek in Elmwood Township ($240,000).

George R. and Helen E. Smith to Gary W. and Sandra K. Woodcock, Lot 11, Green Meadows in Cleveland Township ($31,000).

Frank E. Noverr to Ginette Gomez, Lot 1, Section 1 in Elmwood Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

September 8, 2017

Richard D. and Meta H. Joutras to Meta H. Joutras, as Trustee of the Meta H. Joutras Trust, Part of Lot 1, Section 28, and part of Lots 7 and 8, Glenacres Subdivision in Glen Arbor Township.

Nancy H. Aksten to Thomas Aksten, Sr., Lot 2, Section 21 in Bingham Township.

Douglas A. Fikes to Amiann Ranger, Section 17 in Elmwood Township.

Little Tomato, Inc. to Big Tomato, LLC, Section 8 in Suttons Bay Township.

Chadwick Koster to John and Kari Bilek, Unit 5, Omena Bay Cottage in Leelanau Township ($422,500).

Derek S. and Jennica M. Graham to Sanford and Linda Simons, Unit 42, The Meadows in Elmwood Township ($240,000).

William E. and Marilyn M. Calhoun, Trustees of the Calhoun Living Trust to Kammeron M. Bennetts, Section 28 in Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

September 11, 2017

John E. and Denise M. Melichar to themselves, Section 18 in Elmwood Township.

Barbara J. Hawkins to Karen Watson, Section 23 in Glen Arbor Township.

Gerald J. and Sherri A. Patterson to themselves, Co-Trustees of the Patterson Living Trust, Lot 1 of Northwoods Subdivision in Suttons Bay Township.

Matthew D. Ayers and Scott L. Ayers to Matthew D. Ayers, Unit 28, Sun Perch Condominium in Elmwood Township.

Joan A. Gilhooly, Trustee of the Gilhooly Family Revocable Trust to herself, Lot 1, Section 1 in Elmwood Township.

Richard R. and Karen C. Stahl to Karen C. Stahl, Trustee of the Karen C. Stahl Trust, Section 25 in Cleveland Township.

Anne M. Behm, Trustee of the James L. Centner, Sr. Trust to Mathew W. Gray, Trustee of the Matthew W. Gary, Lots 3, 4 and 5, Block 9 of Northport Point Resort in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Robert J. and Phyllis J. Drow, Trustees of the Drow Family revocable Trust to Terri L. DeFilippo, Lot 39 of the Plat of Boughey’s Addition to Cedar in Solon Township.

Daren B. and Pamela J. Schurman to John C. Maynard, Lot 230, Cherry Home Shores No. 4 in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

John E. and Karen S. Knight to Deborah O. May and Jerry A. May, Co-Trustees of the Deborah O. May Trust, an undivided 1/8 interest in Unit 5, Beals House Condominium in Glen Arbor Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Mary C. Bemowski to Richard W. and Karen L. Reyhl, Section 7 in Centerville Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Thomas L. and Martha G. Phillips to themselves, Co-Trustees of the Thomas L. Phillips and Martha G. Phillips Joint Revocable Trust, Section 14 in Leland Township.

Lawrence R. and Anita S. Heitman to themselves, Co-Trustees of the Lawrence R. Heitman and Anita S. Heitman Trust, Unit 17, The Orchards Condominium in Suttons Bay Township.

Ross Richardson and Ann Laurence to John Herr and Judy Herr, Unit 16, Hill Valley Neighborhood in the City of Traverse City ($623,000).

Susan M. Eringaard, Trustee of the Susan M. Eringaard 1996 Trust to Joshua R. and Megghan Smith, Trustees of the Joshua & Megghan Smith Trust, Section 8 in Leelanau Township ($449,000).

The Sterling Homes and Land Inc. to Bryan and Brittany Ball, Unit 13, The Meadows Condominium in Elmwood Township ($243,900).

Stacey L. Boone to Bates Group, LLC, Unit 38, York Condominium in Bingham Township ($143,900).

September 12, 2017

Michelle L. McClellan to Douglas T. Northrop, Section 29 in Suttons Bay Township.

Huntington National Bank, Successor Trustee of the John A. Gallagher Inter- Vivos Trust to John A. Gallagher Jr., Section 30 in Elmwood Township ($38,000).

Leonard P. Marszalek, Successor Trustee of the Anne J. Marszalke Trust to Harvey J. and Laura L. Yera, Trustees of the Harvey J. Yera and Laura L. Yera Trust, Lot 17 of the Plat of Harriger Beach in Empire Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Robert A. and Diane J. Craft to Robert A. and Jessica B. Bolin, Lot 22, Scenic View Estates in Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

September 13, 2017

Louis D. and Joan M. Herman to The Louis D. Herman Declaration of Trust, Section 29 in the Village of Suttons Bay.

Robert T. Anderson to himself and Effie A. Anderson Section 17 in Suttons Bay Township.

Richard J. and Geralyn A. Mason to Garrett J. and Laura A. Mason, Section 28 in Elmwood Township ($240,000).

Mark A. and Krista Rensland to Charles R. and Heather Browning, Lot 1, Section 30 in Bingham Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Michael and Carrie Hill to Kerry Lucasse, Lot 1, Cherry Home Shores in Leelanau Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Cornerstone Affordable Homes, LLC to Sara Raymont, Section 23 in Solon Township ($63,225).

Judith K. Barrett and Robert A. Walters to Candice Vickery, Lot 8 and north of Lot 6, Block 2, Village of Leland in Leland Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

Peter J. Schous and Megan Belford to Sleeping Bear Hospitality Group, LLC, Lots 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17, and 18 Sunset Subdivision in the Village of Empire.

Fredrick H. and Jayne M. Cook to Paul Fraser, Trustee of the Paul Fraser Revocable Trust, unit 18, Blue Water Ridge Condominium in Suttons Bay Township (Valuation Affidavit filed).

September 14, 2017

Daniel D. and Nancy G. Sweeney to Daniel D. Sweeney, as Trustee of the Daniel D. Sweeney Revocable Trust, an undivided ½ interest and Nancy G. Sweeney, as Trustee of the Nancy G. Sweeney Revocable Trust, an undivided ½ interest, Lot 3, Section 10 in Leland Township.

Ralph N. and Anna M. Severance to themselves, Trustees under the Severance Living Trust, Lot 8, Stony Point Estates in Suttons Bay Township.

Pier D. Wright to Jesse Hickman and Andrea M. Cuchetto, Lot 77, Wakazoo Plat in the Village of Northport ($180,000).

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