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Bicyclists impede enjoyment of other Lakeshore users

To the editor:

Greed has raised its ugly head in our amazing Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Lakeshore National Park, which is supposedly under the protection of the federal government to insure the park remains a natural, pristine, beautiful place for all to enjoy.

However, our park has been ripped apart — dissected and bisected, then asphalted and cemented back together so as to make miles of bicycle trails.

Now it seems bicyclists want more of the park turned into bicycle trails, thereby intruding upon areas where non-bicyclists’ pursuits rely on the peaceful natural lay of the land for their enjoyment of “oneness with nature” such as the fisherman, the photographer, the writer, the artist, the beachcomber, the birdwatcher who enjoys seeing the eagles soar from their nests high in the pine trees overlooking Good Harbor Bay!

Why do bicyclists need trails all over the park? This arrogance on their part is only surpassed by ignorance of the havoc and damage bicyclists wreack on non-bicyclists enjoyment of the park and on the environment and wildlife habitat. Why should non-bikers rights be allowed to be trampled by bicyclists.

Just as the once-serene, sparkling “Crystal River” has become a crowded highway of bumper-to-bumper kayaks, so has the bicycle invasion into one of the world’s most beautiful treasures become detrimental to its uniqueness.

This sad state of affairs has been sponsored and aided and abetted by profit-making businesses who are not held to any standards of how many bicycles and kayaks are rented out. Without good stewardship, businesses have been allowed to run rampant, selling out our beautiful park for the almighty dollar, to the detriment of the park and “we the people!”

Pauline Myers
S. Dunns Farm Road
Maple City

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It"s time the people took

It"s time the people took back their precious land and told the politicians and business owners enough is enough! Glass strewed beaches, garbage in our streams and road sides, noise pollution are all results of turning this pristine environment into a wholesale tourist trap! Closed beaches from E.coli, streets jammed with traffic all in the name of profit. Time to let the powers that be know that Pure Michigan has turned into Despoiled Michigan.