2017-10-05 / Letters

It was authors of U.S. Constitution, all white males, who discriminate

To the editor:

You published a letter about the Native American day proposal in your September 28 edition that started with “I see liberal anti-white racism has come to Leelanau, per Petoskey’s demand for a special day devoted to Indians.” Later the author writes “Liberals work full-time to divide Americans any way they can- racially, ethnically, religiously, economically, politically- and Leelanau County should not help him do it.”

I think though the author, Mr. Knapp, got it backwards. As I recall from my high school history, it was all white men who wrote our constitution. In spite of the “all men are created equal” stuff in the Declaration of Independence, their constitution left women out entirely and then created a whole under class of people with no rights at all; slaves they were called. We did have a great civil war to end slavery but some see abusive and vulgar remarks like those from Mr. Knapp as a sign that crude discrimination and inequality of rights lives on.

Discrimination by white males divides Americans, but liberals, who can also be white males, work for an end to discrimination and want equality for all. They are ready to recognize the rights of Indians like Mr. Petoskey and his tribe. As we see, white males can blow up in anger when minorities think they should be recognized and have the same rights as they do. White racists are white racists. None are liberals.

Fred Siegmund
Fifth Street

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