2017-10-05 / Letters

Thanks for flag patriotism, suggestion for corner

To the editor:

Kudos to Deering Tree Service for putting their 3 “cranes” with the US of A flags on top for the holidays – like 4th of July and Veterans Day. They look pretty cool waving in the breeze.

I have a solution for that corner M-72/Maple City Hwy. Being as they are a TREE service they could plant 3 or 4 rows of pine trees along M-72 and Maple City Hwy. Not only would the trees beautify the area, screen the piles of mulch, top soil and other piles but the trees would also become a buffer for the winds that blow over that area of wide open spaces. In other words stop or slow down the drifts and white outs that are famous on that corner.

I realize it would take awhile for the trees to grow big enough to have any impact but the sooner they are planted the faster they will start.

Caroline DuRocher
S. Gilbert Rd.

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