2017-10-12 / Letters

Lautner an obstacle in sewer inspections; takes too many notes

To the editor:

It seems the chair of the Benzie/ Leelanau Board of Health and Leelanau County Commissioner Melinda Lautner is trying everything under the sun to “pooh - pooh” any attempt to move forward with a recommendation from the Board of Health concerning a point of sale/transfer inspection of septic systems in Leelanau county, despite it’s unanimous support by concerned property owners.

Considering that a safe, clean and healthy watershed should be a non-partisan issue, one can only wonder why Ms. Lautner continues to be an obstacle moving the BoH’s recommendation forward. One commissioner earlier made a point that an inspection would be an unnecessary cost to a home buyer or seller. My counter point is a lack of inspection would lead to unsafe water, health hazards, decreased tourism, State sponsored remediation of polluted lakes and streams, less tax monies collected for Leelanau county and the most unnecessary burden of all would be decreased home values for everyone. It’s up to the reader to decide if either point is valid.

Ms. Lautner’s continued obstinateness is only matched by her apparent disdain during any public comments concerning this issue. While other Board members or commissioners appear to listen to the public, Ms. Lautner seems to be taking copious notes. Since there is an eminently qualified person who’s job is just that, one has to wonder what could be so important in Melinda’s world, or if any public comment could possibly change her already made up mind.

My hope is that a more qualified thought process will rise to the top at the Leelanau Commissioners table and they would see this recommendation as a gift. A gift to future generations.

Every home in Leelanau county will be sold sooner or later. Buyers come and go, but the watershed will be here long after our time is over.

John Hunter
E. Melissa Dr.
Bingham Township

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